Searching for Metal Spraying Dust Extraction Systems? Choose Dust Management Services!

May 7, 2015 | 0 comments

All Australian workers are entitled to fair wages, competitive hours, and safe environments. However, too often does this last need prove difficult to achieve, especially within the metal spraying industry. There, employees are presented with endless ions and steel shavings, both of which can cause irreparable damage.

This is why Dust Management Services (DMS) stresses the importance of proper metal spraying dust extraction systems. We believe that all individuals should be protected at work, and we turn that belief into a reality by offering high quality extraction products that contribute to safer workplace environments. Let us connect you with superior extractors, all intended to remove harmful steel, iron, and silica particles from the air.

These particles, which are common by-products of laser cladding, arc spraying, flame spraying, and metallization, move quickly through workspaces, latching themselves to any nearby surface – including skin. They release harmful (and often carcinogenic) properties, coating operators from head to toe. This can cause devastating, and potentially deadly, effects.

Metal spraying dust extraction systems counter those effects. They ensure that each company remains secure, and they embrace all standards set by the Environmental Protection Authority and the Industrial Worksafe Regulation Association. They’re crucial to everyday demands.

DMS believes in safety. This is why we only supply our customers with premium metal spraying extraction systems. Trust in our products to provide long-lasting protection. To learn more about our extractors, as well as our many other services, contact us today.