Many different types of metalworking processes can produce dust and fumes, much like industrial production using other materials. One way of smoothing and cleaning some metals, especially steel, is abrasive blasting. Along with forced air, it uses heavy abrasive materials like sand or steel shot to smooth off the metal. This can leave behind by products that may need to be cleaned up with abrasive blasting dust extraction in Queensland factories.

In some cases the material used, such as sand, might need to be cleaned up after the fact. Often, however, the process also includes silica, metal, or other chemicals that have been scoured off of the metal being cleaned can linger in the air or get onto other surfaces. These are often extremely fine particles. This kind of dust can sometimes lead to irritation and other respiratory problems. Depending on the materials being used, it can sometimes be connected to other health problems, like cancers or neurological symptoms such as Parkinsonism.

To limit exposure to these substances and keep the environment from getting contaminated, Dust Management Systems can help you with reliable equipment and familiar brands for abrasive blasting dust extraction in Queensland. We can also provide any service and support you might need to keep it running properly so that you can be confident your space is safe and meets current requirements for levels of exposure, creating a comfortable working environment.