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Design, Manufacture and Installation of Dust Control Systems

Products and Capabilities

Dust and Fume Extraction Systems

DMS is one of many Camfil distributors worldwide and we offer a full and detailed design, manufacture and installation of dust and fume control systems using the Camfil products.

Web Scrubbers and Cyclone Dust Collectors

Scrubbers are used for gaseous and particulate control, by means of utilizing water, or other liquid, to remove pollutants from an exhaust stream.

Structural Wind Fences

DMS is the Australian representative for WeatherSolve Structures Wind Fences and has many installations of wind fences throughout the world.

Fog Cannons and Mist Controls

DMS is the Australian representative for HKD Blue’sis comprehensive range of Fog Cannons.

Fog Dust Control

The Raring Corporation (TRC) are world renown for their Fog Based dust control and dust suppression systems and associated equipment.

Laboratory Design and Construction

DMS designs and manufactures Mineral Testing Laboratories for the mining industry.

Flotation Aeration and Special Blowers

Spencer is a world leader in the design and manufacture of flotation aeration & centrifugal blowers and are renowned for their quality products and operational efficiencies

Industrial Vacuum Systems

DMS design, manufacture and install Industrial Vacuum Systems and associated equipment.

Industrial applications and processes

DMS team has extensive expertise in the design and installation of Dust Collection Systems in metal surface preparation applications including abrasive blasting, exceptional filtration of fine smoke fume and laser cutting applications.

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System Design, Scoping and Detailing


Equipment Specification and Selection


Ductwork System Balancing and System Commissioning


Supply, Installation and Audit Reporting


Dust Collector Servicing and Spare Parts


Mineral testing Laboratory Equipment and Services


Distributor for Nordfab Ductwork

What you need to know about Dust Control

Dust control is an important and often a critical requirement for industries that create a lot of dust. Dust control can be a mandatory requirement for Occupational health and safety in the workplace and also as part of many industrial processes as product recovery.

Fugitive dust particles are often present in the atmosphere and cannot always be seen by the naked eye especially in dust producing industries such as mineral processing, chemicals, grain, fibreglass manufacturing to name a few. In many industries these dust particles can cause long-term and often permanent respiratory problems and can also be carcinogenic as well as causing other potential health issues. From an OH&S perspective adequate dust control is critical to the safety and health of workers.

Well-designed dust control systems and equipment can also be important in many industries as a way or recovering product during processing that can be reintroduced to the process thus providing financial benefits. In processed where the dust is valuable good dust control design can provide a financial payback to the company and often in a very short time frame.

Dust Management Services have the knowledge and experience to provide you with the right solution to deal with your dust issues.



Dust and Fume Extraction Systems

Australian representatives for Camfil APC Dust and Fume Control Equipment

Wet Scrubbers and Cyclone Dust Collector

Australian distributor for Fisher Klosterman Emtrol a world leader in Wet Scrubber design and Cyclone technology

Structural Wind Fences

Australian representatives for WeatherSolve Structures Wind Fences

Flotation and Special Blowers

Australian representatives for The Spencer Turbine Company

Fog Dust Control

Australian representatives for The Raring Corporation USA ADSTM Fog Dust Control Systems

Industrial Vacuum Systems

DMS design, manufacture and install Industrial Vacuum Systems and associated equipment

We’ve Been Controlling Dust For Over 30 years

More than 30 years of experience and expertise in the dust control industry, including knowledge about the best equipment and the specifications for mining and general industry.

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