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Design, Manufacture and Installation of Dust Control Systems

DMS Industrial Dust Control Solutions

Dust Management Services Pty Ltd (DMS) offer 30 years experience in the design, manufacture and installation of dust extraction and dust collection systems for many industries. DMS provide solutions for any dust control requirements inclusive of :

  • Dust Extraction Systems / Dust Collection SystemsRepresenting Camfil Farr
  • Dust Suppression – Representing The Raring Corporation
  • Particulate and Gas Wet Scrubbers – Representing Fisher Klosterman
  • Fog Dust Control – Representing The Raring Corporation
  • Structural Wind Fences – Representing Weathersolve Structures

In 2012 Dust Management Services (DMS) introduced Australia to world-class products, providing companies on both the east and west coasts with collectors, scrubbers, suppressors, and more. Since then we’ve become a premier force – minimising emissions while increasing workplace satisfaction. We also serve as the leading provider of industrial dust extraction systems. Let us connect you to the machines you need to further your business and improve your production process. DMS offers a variety of industrial dust extraction systems.

DMS also a range of Blowers for Waste Water Aeration and Industrial flotation systems inclusive of:

  • Multi-Stage Centrifugal Blowers – Representing Spencer Turbine Company
  • Positive Displacement Blowers – Representing Spencer Turbine Company
  • Side Channel and Vortex Blowers – Representing Spencer Turbine Company

DMS Industrial dust control solutions to many industries inclusive of the following:

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Quality and Safety


Clean and Safe

To improve employee satisfaction and retention, you need to create a work environment conducive to their health. In industries that create dust and other airborne particles, there is a level of health risks, especially if certain health and safety measurements are not met. Installing a dust collector ensures that you have a clean and healthy work environment, which will be safer for your employees.


Servicing and Spare Parts

Dust Management Services (DMS) provide a full service capability for any make and brand of dust collector complete with a detailed report. DMS also provide supply and Installation of replacement filters and components.

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