Take Proper Safety Precautions with Abrasive Blasting Dust Extraction

May 7, 2015 | 0 comments

When it comes to painting a piece of steel, abrasive blasting is an essential component to the process. Steel may be stainless, but it can still have a host of different surface contaminants that can ruin a paint job and make a professional product look amateurish. Unfortunately, abrasive blasting—whether you are using compressed air, sand, steel shot or garnet as a blasting medium—can discharge a host of dust particles into the air, making it unsafe for your workers to breathe.

On one hand, these fine dust particles—which can contain silica, metal and other harmful substances—are the reason that personnel wear protective clothing and masks while undertaking abrasive blasting. On the other hand, those particles stay in the air long after the blasting job is done, and long after workers have removed protective gear.

At Dust Management Services, we have a more long-term solution: abrasive blasting dust extraction. By installing a quality dust collection or filtration system, we are able to consistently remove unsafe contaminants from the air and keep your factory a safe place for employees to work and breathe.

So when you need to prepare a piece of steel for painting, don’t start the work without proper precautions in place. With Dust Management Services and our abrasive blasting dust extraction products, you will be able to implement an effective and state-of-the-art dust and air filtration system that will make your factory a safe place to perform this kind of work.

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