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HKD Blue Fog Cannons

HKD Blue’s V-Flow Technology provides maximum versatility to improve water spray accuracy and efficiency for demolition, dry bulk handling, and smoke emissions control. The dynamic conditions of demolition sites, dry-bulk terminals, aggregate facilities, scrap yards, and recycling facilities require user-friendly remote control functionality for water atomizing dust control.

How it works

HKD Blue’s GEYSER nozzle generates an atomized mist of appropriately sized droplets to effectively capture fugitive dust emissions. With complete remote control functionality, operators can easily adjust the nozzle flow and direction at the push of a button, saving labor costs while limiting worker exposure to potentially harmful dust and debris.

Our proprietary technology helps our customers manage dust control in any situation. From controlling emissions from demolition work in sensitive residential areas to protecting workers at major dry-bulk ports and terminals, HKD Blue can find a solution that fits your dynamic dust control needs.

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