In many different types of industrial production, you might find yourself dealing with a serious dust problem. This can happen whether the material you’re using is wood or metal, as well as mining and other types of rock and ore processing. However, dust problems in any of these environments are more than just a cosmetic cleanliness problem. Industrial dust of any kind can often pose a safety hazard. Industrial vacuum systems for Queensland manufacturing and industry can keep work areas clean and healthy as well as protecting the surrounding environment from contamination.

Dust of just about any kind can be a potential risk for combustion and even explosion. This is especially true of finer particulates, and at high concentrations. Dust and fumes can cause health problems as well. Risk of respiratory system damage is common, particularly from inflammation, and can lead to problems like asthma or bronchitis, or even black lung in mining and ore processing settings. Dust from some materials, particularly particles or vapour from metal cutting or cleaning, has been linked to neurological disorders like Parkinsonian symptoms and to cancer. Chemical dust in particular can lead to serious risks of potentially toxic contamination, especially for pharmaceutical production.

Besides being a hazard for anyone closely exposed, though, dust can pose a risk to the wider environment if it gets into the air and water. Industrial vacuum systems in Queensland from Dust Management Services can help you clean up any potential contaminants using reliable equipment from well-known brands.