In 2012 Dust Management Services (DMS) introduced Australia to world-class products, providing companies on both the east and west coasts with collectors, scrubbers, suppressors, and more. Since then we’ve become a premier force – minimising emissions while increasing workplace satisfaction. We also serve as the leading provider of industrial dust extraction systems. Let us connect you to the machines you need to further your business and improve your production process. DMS offers a variety of industrial dust extraction systems. These include:

Metal Spraying

This machine snatches metalled particles (such as steel or ion flakes) from the air, funnelling them through filters to reduce contamination.

Chemical Processing

Toxic gases (such as those found in household pesticides or cleaning products) must be contained. Chemical extractors trap the fumes, utilising comprehensive scrubbing techniques to control their PH levels and render them harmless.

Abrasive Blasting

Abrasive blasting sends endless particles into the air. Extractors capture these particles, carefully filtering them to eliminate any traces of steel or metal left behind.

These extractors – along with other DMS collectors, vacuum systems, and processors – are intended for constant usage. They’ve been painstakingly crafted, and their materials can endure the burdens of industrial settings. They prove ideal for a variety of fields and work environments.

To learn more about industrial dust extraction systems contact DMS today. Our friendly staff will be happy to offer insight into product options, collection methods, and more.