The need for a dust extractor is important for those in various industries. Companies throughout Australia – from powder coaters to plasma cutters – recognise the importance of containing foreign particles. They strive to reduce emissions for both their employees and the environment beyond.

Opting for low cost equipment over high quality equipment is a major hazard for businesses. They choose machines that are ill-equipped for both their needs and their safety standards, achieving nothing more than an excess of airborne particles. Dust Management Services now provides an alternative, offering Australia the products (and service) they deserve.

Let us address all of your extraction needs. As a distributor for Camfil APC Dust and Fume Control Equipment – one of the world’s leading manufacturers, certified in ISO and CNC production – we provide companies with the best products on the market, applying reverse cartridge technology and reverse baghouse technology to a variety of fields. Our inventory promises quality results and is surpassed only by our expertise.

DMS is the leading dust extractor provider in Australia. For over 30 years we’ve offered design, manufacturing, and installation support. Our extensive services, which include suppression, scrubbing, dust control, wind fence structuring, and more, ensures superior containment. This, when combined with our Gold Coast and Mandurah locations, allows us to aid every company. We have solutions that work.

Searching for a dust extractor? Choose DMS! Our experience and quality products will promote emission-free workspaces in every field.

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