Choosing a dust collection system is easy, especially when it’s provided by Dust Management Services (DMS). We offer our clients a selection of premium systems, serving as Australia’s leading Camfil Farr and Raring Corporation distributor. However, we understand that service goes far beyond product selection. Instead it requires extensive support before, during, and after the installation is complete.

Let us provide you with all-inclusive services, including: system consultations and detailing, equipment specification and selection, duct work commissioning, supply, installation, audit reporting, and more. We create custom plans for your company, noting both industry guidelines and personal needs. We then choose products that match your high standards, connecting you to exceptional collectors, scrubbers, and more.

Our work is never truly done. Even after a dust collection system has been installed, DMS provides on-site servicing and support, ensuring that each machine is precisely maintained. We also boast an extensive collection of spare parts, helping our customers adapt their collectors as needed.

Through our tireless efforts we allow all companies – including yours – to achieve superior results. Customer service is our goal and we emphasise the importance of long-term relationships, wanting to inject reliability into Australia’s industrial fields.

Start the dust collection process today. Let us tailor a plan to your business’s specific needs, helping you discover the best products and installation options available. To learn more about our many services, feel free to contact us. Our technicians are always happy to answer any questions.