The miles between Mandurah and the Gold Coast are vast, linked only by hot temperatures and a need for quality dust extraction. Countless companies including welding operations, woodworking operations, and plasma cutters work along the roads, and each demands a careful combination of suppression, scrubbing, and collection technologies. Each also demands a clean work environment for their employees, which Dust Management Services (DMS) can help provide.

For over 30 years DMS has embraced a simple philosophy: offer businesses superior dust extraction to generate superior employee results. Our machines, which utilise reverse pulse jet technology, reverse air baghouse technology, and other proven systems, deliver consistent dust control, snatching dangerous particles from the air before they can be inhaled and promoting quality conditions. This translates to healthy workers and equally healthy profits.

As environments improve employees achieve greater job satisfaction. Airborne particle, which can include grain dust, metal shavings, ore powders, and other harmful materials, damage the lungs, potentially causing long-term complications. Our extraction process removes this concern, allowing operators to focus on their tasks instead of their breathing masks.

DMS combines industrial extraction systems (each chosen from leading manufacturers, including Camfil Farr, The Raring Corporation, or Fisher Klosterman) with dependable service. We analyse each company’s needs and then choose products that best reflect those needs. This promises reliable dust extraction for years to come.

Let us provide you with a safe and dust-free environment. Contact us today to learn more about our extraction process.