Industrial processes tend to produce dust and fumes even when using materials, like metal, that might not be considered heavily dust producing. One of the production methods that can create lots of metal dust is abrasive blasting, which is used to clean off and smooth out the surface of metal, particularly steel. This is often done as part of preparation for painting. Since some of the substances involved can be toxic, depending on what sort of materials and coatings you may be using, it’s important to have good abrasive blasting dust extraction for Western Australia workshops in place.

Abrasive blasting uses compressed air that includes abrasive substances, like sand or steel shot, to clean off the surface of the metal. Sometimes, the sand or other material can get into the air or onto other surfaces. Metal particles that have been scoured away can also become an environmental contaminant that needs to be cleaned up.

Industrial dust often poses a certain level of risk for combustion and fire by its nature, even coming from less combustible materials. It can also lead to respiratory irritation, infection, or other problems. In some cases, particularly with chrome or stainless steel coatings, the materials involved are thought to be potentially connected to cancer or to certain neurological problems.

Dust Management Systems can help you find the right system for your abrasive blasting dust extraction in Western Australia. We work with reliable and well-known brands that you’ll be able to trust, and can offer ongoing service and support if you need help in the future.