Many different industrial applications that use chemicals can produce forms of dust that get into the air. Particles may also contaminate surfaces, although fumes are much more common from working with chemicals. Fumes and dust can develop from different types of blending or mulling when creating products, or from more basic processes like weighing, batching, or packaging. In many cases, chemical processing dust extraction in Western Australia gas scrubbers can use water and other additives to help control pH and otherwise neutralise potentially dangerous compounds.

Even without breathing in dust and other particles, gas fumes from chemical processing can be extremely harmful. In some cases vapour can be combustible, the same way dust particles are. Depending on the chemicals in question, it can also potentially have acidic properties, or cause respiratory problems, among other health risks. This makes it important to keep chemical by-products out of the air as much as possible.

Along with health risks, though, contamination from chemical gas fumes can affect nearby materials and the environment. Cross-contamination with other chemicals is a particular risk, especially when two substances combine to become toxic. Gas fumes may also sometimes be hard to clean up once they’ve contaminated an area. For this reason, an important part of chemical processing dust extraction in Western Australia is containing and neutralizing gas products as soon as possible. Dust Management Services provides reliable equipment to help make sure dangerous vapours don’t get into the wider environment.