The Environmental Protection Authority and Industrial Worksafe have strict requirements and regulations as to the amount of emissions your company can have. Large organizations also have a license that allows only a certain amount of their product to be released into the atmosphere. In order to ensure your compliance to these regulations, you need to use reliable and proven dust collection in QLD. This equipment is part of a dust control solution that will extract the fugitive airborne or nuisance dust prior to its emission into the atmosphere. In addition to helping you remain compliant, it also reduces your environmental impact and the risk of your workers inhaling the harmful dust, which can lead to health problems. The dust collection in QLD offered by Dust Management Services is from world-renowned brands that are technology sound and proven to reduce your emissions. They not only meet the regulations but also exceed them.

Dust Management Services provides dust and fume control systems that ensure you remain in compliance with all regulations. In addition to dust collection in QLD, they also provide wet scrubbers, dust suppression, industrial vacuum systems, structural wind fences, and fog dust control. They have expertise in the selection and specification of the equipment for mining and general industry to ensure that you have the best solutions for your situation. With over 30 years of experience in the dust control industry, they know how to match you with the right equipment. Additionally, they provide support and service on all their products to ensure that you remain in compliance and create a healthy and safe environment for your workers.