In mining and general industry, dust and other airborne particles are emitted. If they are not addressed, it can lead to pollution and health risks for your employees. The small particles eventually reach the atmosphere, adding to the pollution that harms the ozone layer and creates problems including global warming. However, it is not just harmful to the environment. Without appropriate dust collection in WA, your workers are at risk of inhaling the particles, which could lead to asthma, respiratory problems, and serious health problems including cancer. That is why the Environment Protection Authority and Industrial Worksafe have strict regulations on emissions. Equipment for dust collection in WA will extract the fugitive airborne and nuisance dust from the air prior to its release into the atmosphere, which reduces the negative impact and creates a healthier work environment. Dust Management Services specialises in assisting mining and general industry companies in creating and implementing dust control solutions with reliable and proven equipment.

With over 30 years of experience in dust control, the experts at Dust Management Services can work with you to create the right system for your company. They have a variety of technology sound and proven equipment from world-renowned brands from which to select and design your system for your company and industry. In addition to dust collection on WA, they also have fog dust control, dust suppression, industrial vacuum systems, wet scrubbers, and structural wind fences. The equipment meets and exceeds all requirements for environmental and health and safety, ensuring you remain in compliant while also improving job satisfaction.