There are endless industries in Australia, each churning out quality products, superior service, and an excess of dust. Fugitive particles are forever escaping, trying to attach themselves to operators and the outside world alike. The air becomes hazy and the emissions prove damning.

A dust collector is needed to undo the damage. This is why Dust Management Services (DMS) now offers a line of innovative products to a variety of fields, including: woodworking, pharmaceuticals, mining, abrasive blasting, welding, powder coating, and even chemical processing. We pair companies with the machines they need, crafting specialised control plans for every installation.

Why is this important? DMS recognises that every company is unique. Our services must therefore be equally unique, with product plans and system selections tailored to specific field standards. For over 30 years we’ve developed extensive experience with dust collectors and extractors, and we now use that knowledge to better serve our customers.

This includes distributing products from globally recognised manufacturers. DMS offers systems from Camil Farr, The Raring Corporation, Fisher Klosterman, Weathersolve, and other noted companies. We connect our customers to the best available extractors, collectors, and scrubbers on the market. This ensures quality results in every field.

Let us provide you with a custom plan. To learn more about our dust collectors (as well as our waste water aeration systems, industrial flotation systems, and other products) contact us today. Our dedicated staff will be happy to provide you with product information, installation options, and more.