Dust and other air pollutants are by-products of mining and other industries that can lead to environmental and health problems for both your company and the world when they are not properly extracted. Therefore, you must have some type of system in place for dust extraction in QLD. The environmental protection authority and the Industrial Worksafe regulations have strict requirements about the emission allowance for each company. With a well-designed and reliable system for dust extraction in QLD, you can utilise the best equipment that will ensure you adhere to the requirements under the current legislation. This equipment will extract the fugitive airborne or nuisance dust prior to its escape into the atmosphere, which then reduces the harmful particles that your employees may inhale. Furthermore, your company will only emit a small amount of the product into the atmosphere. Not only will you adhere to legislation, but you also will have better working conditions, which leads to a better job satisfaction.

With Dust Management Services, you can ensure that you are getting the best products for your dust extraction in QLD. They not only offer the best products, but they also provide back up service and support. They have over 30 years of experience and expertise in the dust control industry, including knowledge about the best equipment and the specifications for mining and general industry. Dust Management Solutions can provide complete design supply and installation turnkey projects, as well as service and innovative design. Their world-renowned products have been used for decades. Additionally, their collectors use less power, which reduces your operating costs.