The particles that escape when you mine, manufacture products, and other industries can escape into the atmosphere and add to the pollution. Not only does this lead to unhealthy air that can cause health problems, especially asthma and other respiratory problems, for your employees and the general public, it can also cause damage to the ozone layer and other aspects of the atmosphere. To reduce the environmental impact of your company, you can implement dust extraction systems in WA. To ensure that you not only meet all health and safety and Environmental Protection Agency guidelines and requirements but also exceed them, you need to use technology sound and proven equipment for your dust extraction systems in WA. With Dust Management Services, you can find the best equipment for dust and fume control systems to reduce your environmental impact.

The professionals at Dust Management Services have over 30 years of experience in the dust control and extraction industry. They will work closely with you and recommend the best products to ensure you minimise the number of particles that are released into the atmosphere. This not only will help the environment, but it will also reduce the health risks to your employees, which in turn creates a higher job satisfaction rating for your company. They only use technology sound and proven equipment from world-renowned brands to ensure you will have the best dust extraction systems in WA. They offer the technologies necessary for capturing any dust particles, including wet scrubbers, collectors, fog dust control, dust suppression, structural wind fences, and industrial vacuum systems.