Many industries, including mining, construction, and manufacturing, have airborne dust particles as a by-product. When left unattended, these particles can harm the environment by adding to the air pollution. Before the dust particles even reach the atmosphere, they can also cause health problems, especially asthma and other respiratory problems, in your staff. By installing a dust extractor in WA as part of your dust and fume control system, you can reduce your environmental impact by having cleaner emissions. This in turn also will reduce the risk of health problems for your workers, which helps with job satisfaction. When you purchase a dust extractor in WA, you want to ensure you use the highest quality products that will extract the most particles and have a longer life. Dust Management Services offers products developed and manufactured by recognised, proven, and world-renowned brands to ensure that you are not only compliant but have the best equipment to create cleaner emissions.

The experts at Dust Management Services use their over 30 years of experience to recommend the best dust extractor in WA for your company and industry. Their products meet all requirements of the Environmental Protection Authority and Industrial Worksafe regulations to ensure you are in compliant. Working with professionals with experience in design and equipment selection ensures that you will have an excellent systems operating performance. They also provide service and support on all dust control solutions and associated equipment, including collectors, wet scrubbers, fog dust control, structural wind fences, dust suppression, and industrial vacuum systems.