The grain production process is as complicated as it is essential. Hundreds of hours each week are devoted to separation, aspiration, and centrifugal rotations. Mills painstakingly prepare their product, ensuring that it meets all health standards. Dust Management Services knows that these crucial goals are often difficult to achieve – especially without the aid of grain dust control systems. These machines prove vital for businesses from Mandurah to the Gold Coast.

Grain dust control systems are aptly named. They utilise a series of reverse jets and baghouses to snatch foreign particles from the air, keeping them away from precious grain. They ensure that each step of the milling process is secure.

This is crucial to companies wishing to exceed all government guidelines, which is why DMS offers the best machines available on the market. We serve as the leading distributor of Camfil Farr in both Western Australia and Queensland. These products have been carefully crafted to survive industrial settings, as well as to use less energy than their competitors. This promises more effective results for every day. Our equipment embraces high quality and consistency.

Grain dust control systems are necessary within the milling world. DMS now provides a convenient way to access them. Let us connect your company with superior Camfil products and dedicated service. To learn more about our control systems, including our extractors, suppressors, and vacuum systems, contact us today. Our technicians will be happy to create a custom product plan for you.