Some forms of industrial metalworking can leave behind dust and fumes as residue. If you’re left with this as part of a process like coating with stainless steel or chrome, it’s important to figure out how you’re going to control the dust and fumes. This is true for protecting the health and safety of anyone spending lots of time around these substances, but also to protect from environmental contamination. Metal spraying dust extraction in Queensland can help control dangerous contaminants.

The elements that get released by industrial metalworking processes like coating can be extremely dangerous to inhale or ingest. Some can be neurological toxins, especially at high concentrations, and can lead to serious medical problems like metal fume fever or parkinsonism and similar motor control difficulties. Some processes become particularly hazardous and have been linked to the development of cancer. For this reason, it’s important to not only clear away particles from the immediate workspace, but to keep them from getting into the surrounding environment.

Metal spraying dust extraction, for Queensland and other areas, will help keep potential contaminants out of the soil and any nearby water supplies. This will keep the local environment safe not just for people, but also for wildlife that may be living around the workshop, particularly in more rural areas. Dust Management Services can provide the right equipment to help you keep your workshop and the surrounding environment as clean and safe as possible.