Metallic powder that gets produced during the metal spraying process can become extremely hazardous to the people exposed, especially over a longer term, and can contaminate the environment as well when released. Processing of these types of by-products through capture and containment is crucial to limit exposure and keep the area safe and the environment clean.

At higher concentrations, the fumes and particles that form can cause respiratory problems. They can also affect the reproductive and neurological systems, causing Parkinson like symptoms. Metal fume fever is a particular illness that can come from welding, coating, and other metalworking processes like coating. Stainless steel and chromium can be especially hazardous. Other, similar substances have been linked to cancers.

Particles of different sizes can form, with arc spray in particular forming finer, sub-micronic fumes. Heat will sometimes lead the elements you’re using to fuse into new compounds that may also be hazardous. Metal spraying dust extraction, in Western Australia and elsewhere, will help to limit the health and environmental risks from dust and fumes produced in some types of industrial workshops.

Dust Management Services can provide the most reliable equipment, from familiar and reliable companies, to clean up the dust and fumes from wherever you need. This way, once you determine the needs for your space you’ll be able to build a lasting system for metal spraying dust extraction in Western Australia that you can depend on for years to come.