Throughout Australia’s industrial fields, including petrochemicals, agrochemicals, elastomers, oleochemicals, and ceramics, are gasses. These gasses, though essential catalysts within the production process, often prove toxic. They blend ammonia, carbon, and other dangerous elements together and can pose severe health threats to employees.

Dust Management Services must therefore stress the importance of chemical processing dust extraction systems. Our company, which boasts over 30 years of collective experience, as well as access to the world’s best products – recognises the need for superior support. This is why we offer our customers comprehensive scrubbers, cleaners, and more.

Chemical processing dust extraction systems prove crucial to any industrial field. These machines trap dangerous gases, pulling them from the air and into a scrub chamber. There the gases are then fused with water and carefully balanced additives, which act as neutralisers and restore PH levels, and which also serves to nullify toxins in the air.

Every company is responsible for the welfare of its employees. Extraction systems are an essential part of that responsibility. They ensure that each space is secure, and they follow the guidelines established by the Industrial Worksafe Regulation Association. They promote healthy environments for all.

DMS is proud to provide Australia with the best chemical processing dust extraction systems on the market. To learn more about these products, as well as our other collectors, vacuum systems, and suppression options, contact us today. Our team will be happy to provide you with specs, pricing information, and case study examples.