Industrial environments with a lot of woodworking, or even those that work with some types of grain, naturally wind up creating a lot of dust. However, some kinds of metal treatment can also leave behind residue in the air. Adding a metal coating like chrome or stainless steel can create high levels of fumes that have their own danger. Dust Management Services can help you use processes for thermal spraying dust collection in Western Australia to keep these types of fumes under control and protect the health and safety of employees in metal workshops.

There are two main dangers that can come from metallic dust and fumes involved in the thermal spraying process. One major concern is related to inhaling high concentrations of the fumes and dust present. This has been connected to potential respiratory problems, as well as with neurological problems including conditions such as metal fume fever and Parkinsonian syndrome. Some metal coating processes have been shown to be carcinogenic, particularly in longer-term exposure.

Besides these possible health effects, like with other types of industrial dust, any dusts or powders created by thermal spraying can create a high risk for combustion and even explosion. This is especially true at higher concentrations. Dust can get extremely dangerous in industrial environments, including metalworking, with lots of electricity and heat that can set off sparks or open flames.

Dust Management Services can help with equipment for thermal spraying dust collection throughout western Australia to capture and contain the dust you create in order to limit all of these risks and keep your working environment safe.