Achieve Cleaner Emissions Through Dust Extraction Systems – Contact Dust Management Services Today!?

May 7, 2015 | Dust extraction, Environment and sustainability | 0 comments

The world is going green. Companies, whether they are mining deep within the earth, forging steel from sand and silica, or processing essential chemicals, are expected to reduce their carbon footprints and improve their working conditions. This isn’t always easy to achieve, especially for those without proper dust extraction systems.

Dust Management Services (DMS) emphasises the importance of extraction. This process plucks fugitive particles from the air, pulling them into specialised filtration units. Why is this necessary? Without these systems in place, excess dust escapes into the world and causes irreparable damage.

Company particles, which may contain heavy metals, gases, foreign minerals, and other contaminants, wreak havoc on Australia. They attach themselves to plants, animals, and the topography. This can undermine the natural balance of the environment and introduce unwanted chemicals, which can trigger long-lasting consequences. Dust extraction systems are important in preventing this from happening.

Let DMS explain the emissions process to you. We’ll use both our technical expertise and our innovative inventory (which combines machines from noted manufacturers like Weathersolve, Camfil Farr, and The Raring Corporation) to deliver cleaner, safer environments. Our collection systems utilise only the best technologies, such as reverse pulse jet cartridges or reserve baghouses, to improve every workplace. This leads to a much more eco-friendly outcome for workers and the areas they live in.

To learn more about our dust extraction systems contact DMS today. Our friendly technicians will be happy to explain how each filter reduces emissions and increases satisfaction.

On one hand, these fine dust particles—which can contain silica, metal and other harmful substances—are the reason that personnel wear protective clothing and masks while undertaking abrasive blasting. On the other hand, those particles stay in the air long after the blasting job is done, and long after workers have removed protective gear.

At Dust Management Services, we have a more long-term solution: abrasive blasting dust extraction. By installing a quality dust collection or filtration system, we are able to consistently remove unsafe contaminants from the air and keep your factory a safe place for employees to work and breathe.

So when you need to prepare a piece of steel for painting, don’t start the work without proper precautions in place. With Dust Management Services and our abrasive blasting dust extraction products, you will be able to implement an effective and state-of-the-art dust and air filtration system that will make your factory a safe place to perform this kind of work.

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