Look after the Environment with a Technologically-Sound Mining Dust Suppression System

Feb 23, 2017 | Environment and sustainability, Mining dust suppression | 0 comments

What’s the best way to reduce overall emissions for a mining operation? This is a question that many mine companies often find themselves asking, for a variety of different reasons. Lower emissions mean a safer workplace for your miners and other technicians; lower emissions mean a smaller carbon footprint for your company; lower emissions mean you are meeting guidelines from the Environmental Protection Authority. Unfortunately, lower emissions are also difficult to achieve.

At Dust Management Services, we can help your mining operation achieve all of the goals laid out above (safer workplace, smaller carbon footprint, EPA compliance), and we can do it in the most efficient and technologically-sound way possible. We specialise in mining dust suppression, which is an advanced and effective means of cutting down on debris emitted into the atmosphere from crushing and screening mineral ores.

Essentially, mining dust suppression is a process where water is actually added to crushed mineral ore during the mining process. With more moisture content in the ore, the amount of dust and debris emitted into the air is reduced drastically. The result is a safer mining workplace and a more environmentally friendly operation overall.

Regardless of what your company is mining for, and no matter your specific environmental obligations, we at Dust Management Services can help. We have only been operating as a company for two and a half years, but our team has over 30 years of experience in the dust management industry. Those decades have given us the skills, know-how and technology to reduce emissions in virtually any situation, and we believe you will be thoroughly pleased with the results of our mining dust suppression application.