Investing in Thermal Spray Dust Collection? Contact Dust Management Services Today!

May 7, 2015 | 0 comments

The industrial world is defined by thermal spraying. Surfaces are carefully coated in alloyed materials, with high bursts of electrical heat turning even the strongest metals in fine powder. Oxidation occurs and forms a strong chemical bond, enhancing the overall performance (and appearance) of the chosen product.

This is a crucial process. Dust Management Services knows that it’s also a potentially dangerous one, with metallic shavings and heated ions floating through the air, which can cause damage if it comes in contact with the skin. Emissions can be high, and operators can suffer from severe complications (thermal spraying often results in carcinogenic properties, proving particularly damaging to the lungs). Workers in these environments need support

This is why we provide thermal spray dust collection systems. Our innovative products, which are assembled first by noted manufacturers like Camfil Farr and are then distributed by us throughout Western Australia and Queensland, utilise a fume extraction process. This serves to effectively capture metallic powders and provides necessary filtration.

Not all thermal spraying techniques are created equal, and thermal spray dust collection systems are no different. To accommodate the many types of coating (including electric arc wire, powder, HVOF, and plasma) DMS will create a custom plan for each company, highlighting needed particulate loads and operation requirements. This will ensure that all health and safety standards are maintained to the highest degree.

DMS provides superior thermal spray dust collection systems to Australia. To learn more about these products, as well as our other extraction options, contact us today.